IN BRIEF: OUAMEAS's inaugural dinner, held on 26 October 2011. Click here for photos and details. The OUAMEAS New Members 'Coffee and Cake' on 3 December 2011. Click here for photos and details. On the 12 January 2012, Members of OUAMEAS turned out in force for the launch of Jane's Lifeworks. Click here for photos and details. On the 3 March 2012, Dr Rosalind Janssen gave us a fascinating tour of the Petrie Museum. Click here for details. Two members attended Patrick Flanery's book launch on 6 March 2012. Click here for photos and details. Nawroz was celebrated by OUAMEAS in Simurgh restaurant. Click here for details.


Horniman Museum There are more details here, including one of the five minute talks, linked here.


Dr Helen Carr Helen has been busy in a number of directions. On the campaigning front, she acheived national press coverage, regarding the Nutt-Brown report (see Campaigns). She has been working with OUAMEAS member Rose McGill, introducing 13 year olds to the anthropological issues around Gypsy identity (See Education Matters). And she has been making friends for OUAMEAS with kindred spirit organisations (See here). All the while, she and Dr Margaret Taylor have been working towards the first of the publications of women researchers in the field (See Publications); and in preparation for our presentation at the Oxford University Alumni weekend in September.

The 2012 London Olympics and Para-Olympics and The Oxford and Cambridge Club

As members know, we hold meetings at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall Mall, London. Our Chair, Dr Helen Carr, is on the Membership Committee. We have received a number of enquiries regarding overseas membership and links, as well as advice about accommodation: it seems many of you are intending to take advantage of the Olympic and Para-Olympic event to visit us. If you would like to become a member of OUAMEAS and get in touch with other members in the UK during your stay, then please download the OUAMEAS membership form. (See Membership)

For enquiries about overseas membership of the Oxford and Cambridge Club, and how you might benefit from being a member when you are in London, please contact the Club directly on 44+207-321-5103:

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