Past Events - 2012

3 March 2012: The Petrie Museum: Dr Rosalind Janssen. OUAMEAS members enjoyed their first main event of the year, with a fascinating tour of the Petrie collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, lead by Dr Rosalind Janssen. I (Nic) forgot to bring a camera, so, alas, no photos of the rat trap or the beaded court singer's dress. But for an insight into the minutiae of Egyptian daily life, do bear a future visit to the Petrie in mind. Many thanks to Rosalind.

21 March 2012: Nawroz celebration: Simurgh restaurant.Apologies on my part (Nic) for not advertising this to members in time. However five of us did have a good meal at Simurgh Persian restaurant, ostensibly to metaphorically jump over the fire into a new year. My (Persian) new year’s resolution is to make time to ensure as many members as possible know about all of our events.

April 2012: Horniman Museum. Well known to those members with a South London childhood (Helen and Rosalind), the Horniman is a prime collection of ethnographic items, musical instruments and natural history specimens located in Forest Hill, south London. For a full account of our visit, read on from here.

19 November 2012: The Museum of Archaelogy and Anthropology, Cambridge. First event of the year, after the Olympics, and undeterred by the fog, we found MAA, on Downing Street. A full report is given here.

1 December 2012: The Wallace Collection. A few of us went to the Wallace Collection, Manchester Square, London, just north of Oxford Street. The Collection is not a natural target for the anthropological gaze (excepting perhaps a few pieces of near and far Eastern antique weaponry). But it is interesting in that it is a closed collection. That is, with the death of the widow of the third generation of the collectors, the house and its contents were bequested as a collection with financial provision for the collection's upkeep, but not its development. So what you have is a statement of collection. It is contrast with an ethnographic collection in that it is arguably imperative that an ethnographic collection at least refers to recent and current developments of its area of interest, if not actively expanding the collection in terms of items or objects. Anyway, it gives a flavour of things we discussed as we went round.


26 November 2012: Celebration in Simurgh. A chance to meet up for a meal became a celebration. A few of us met up at Simurgh, the Persian restaurant in Garrick Street, and a default meeting place for Anthropology Connections members. it became a celebration because Ruth Carlyle passed the viva for her doctorate, accepted with minimal corrections, on the Monday. Congratulations to Dr Carlyle!

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From top clockwise: Inaugural meal in Simurgh; photos of the New members' coffee and cake event; A brass lamp in the shape of a peacock, surrounded by light. The outside of the Petrie Museum.
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